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Special Needs Evolve into Special Salsa

Davey's Treasures is a family business that was formed to support the dream of an amazing young man. Davey, who is 31 years old, has a driving desire to share his grandmother's treasured recipes with others, so that they might taste and experience a little bit of the fresh food,

Louisiana love and family fun around the table that we have enjoyed. Knowing this could be a great motivator for Davey to learn daily living skills, cooking, better communication, and many other basic life skills, his family, friends and community have rallied around him to help him achieve his dream. Learning to produce, sample and deliver his Salsa products has given Davey the motivation to overcome many obstacles already, and he just continues to amaze us. We would consider it an honor for you to try our Salsa and enjoy it with your family and friends as well.

Why us?

Add some healthy

deliciousness to your day!

Davey's Original or Hot Salsa

Low Calorie Food

Fat Free

Cholesterol Free

Low Sodium

Packed with Vitamins A and C

Gluten Free

Good Source of -

Vitamin D


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